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Foster Care

Youth Learning Responsibility, Self-discipline and Cooperation as a Foundation for Success

When placement into a family is not appropriate for the youth, Aspiranet can provide proven successful residential treatment in its congregate care environment at its Excell and Readiness Centers. These residential treatment programs provides safe, structured campus environments where boys ages 10 to 18 can work through the issues that necessitated their placement, help to build self-esteem, develop positive relationships and continue their education within the public school system.
Excell Center
Each youth has his own blueprint for success -- an individual treatment plan with clear goals for his academics, social, and behavioral progress. This plan is developed by the youth and his treatment team - his child care staff, social worker, teachers, licensed clinicians, psychologist and child psychologist -- with input from his parents and placement worker.
Youth’s treatment team tracks his progress and regularly reevaluates his goals. As he makes better choices and acts more responsibly, he is rewarded with increasing privileges and trust. He is also provided with weekly individual and group therapy, as well as, family therapy, when appropriate, to help him master issues that brought him here.
Boys live in traditional family homes either on the Excell campus or in the city of Turlock -- six to eight boys to a home -- with skilled and loving professional child care workers who act as surrogate parents.
Boys are responsible for daily chores around their home, as well as, nightly schoolwork. They are required to be well-groomed, well-mannered and polite. Boys who show good progress are encouraged to hold part-time jobs and volunteer in the community.
Excell Readiness Center

The Aspiranet Readiness Center provides short-term residence for youth who are in transition, between foster or group home placements to prepare to be successful in his/her next placement. These are mostly adolescents who have been in foster care, and have been unable to remain in the previous placement. Located in San Mateo County, the Readiness Center has a capacity of 8, with separate areas for boys and girls. With 24 hour supervision, provided by seasoned child care professionals, staff are specially trained and experienced to work with behaviors or developmental issues presented by these youth. No youth will be turned away, given space availability and no youth will be ejected from the program. Youth’s success is at the heart of this program.
The environment at the Readiness Center is a clean, comfortable home which fosters individual respect in which youth get in touch with their strengths and survivorship. A primary goal is to assist youth in valuing themselves through respect, integrity, courage and hope, allowing them to become constructive members of our community. It is the responsibility of the Readiness Center to provide youth, through a variety of activities, vocational exploration, community resources and inexpensive recreational opportunities so that they may discover what he or she chooses to pursue in the future.
The Readiness Center offers a range of educational, vocational, psychological, behavioral, and other specialized services for youth, based on the County’s Needs and Services Plan. The program provides supervision, daily activities, independent living skills development, mental health services, family visitation, mental health services, medical services and psychiatric services in collaboration with the county’s Department of Children and Family Services. The Readiness Center staff coordinates these services, complete needs and services plans, and prepares the youth for the next placement.
The Aspiranet Readiness Center serves as a catalyst for the creation of a system of public and private efforts directed toward ensuring that our most at risk youth become youth with promise to become healthy, productive, contributing members of the San Mateo County community.
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To learn more about Excell Center, please refer to the Excell Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Or call the Excell Center at 209.667.0327.
To learn more about Excell Readiness Center, please call 650.312.5211.

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