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Foster Care

A Single Connection Can Change A Life

Aspiranet Foster Care program is designed to keep permanent connections for children in California’s foster care system. Reunification with birth families is the primary goal for children in foster care. Permanent connections with family members are critical for children in foster care. Those connections must be maintained and supported, or built no matter where the child is living and no matter how long a child is in foster care. Another critical goal of foster care is to insure a child’s safety with a loving family who supports the child's reunification to his or her birth home. If reunification is not possible, other permanent connections must be maintained and supported with the child’s relatives, teachers, mentors, and those who the child knows and trusts. In many cases, that becomes the child’s foster family.

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Through our network of over 750 foster families, we match the needs of the child to the strengths of the families in our network. This matching process is a key feature in the success of our foster family's. For over 30 years, Aspiranet has provided children in foster care with safe and loving homes that meet their individualized needs. We do so by recruiting the best families all over California, to care for them by providing training, support and resources to those families, many of which go on to adoption. We can help there too!
Over 61% of the children who leave Aspiranet homes, are reunified with their birth families. This is a success for those children and their parents. Each person, including the foster families, play a part in that success. We value and support the permanent connection between children and their birth families. Our most successful foster families support the safe return of children to their birth families. Many keep connections to those children and their birth families – they become another permanent connection to that child.
To learn more about becoming an Aspiranet foster parent call 877-380-HERO from within California or call direct (209) 585-1460.

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We have a website just for people looking to become foster parents!


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