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Foster Care


Keeping Children With Their Families By Taking Collective Action

Aspiranet Wraparound Program is a strength based, family centered, individualized program offering opportunities for youth to remain in or return to a family setting.
Established through Senate Bill 163 in 1997, Wraparound service offers a community based in-home approach to supporting kids and families facing very complex emotional and behavioral challenges, while children remain in their home and/or placed with a foster family.  Promoting a “what ever it takes” philosophy, Wraparound is delivered by teams, assisting children and families to identify their unmet needs, and developing  strategies to best meet those needs by utilizing their individual strengths, and the natural supports in their lives.  The Wraparound service team believes the family and the child’s voice drive the process.  This collective action approach allows the family and children to take ownership for meeting the challenges and needs they identify in their life, thus promoting self-sufficiency.
Wraparound service staff offer three direct service roles supporting and assisting kids and families…
  1. The Facilitator, who facilitates the team process, choreographs plan development, team meetings, team process and tracks the success or struggles of the strategies employed. 
  2. Parent Partners primarily supports the caregivers and the challenges they face. Parent Partners have themselves had to face challenges and adversity on behalf of their child or children. They,  by their mere presence, offer hope, and are living examples that success is possible.
  3. Youth Support Counselors work directly with the youth at home, in school and in the community. Youth Support Counselors assist youth in overcoming their emotional and behavioral challenges, helping them successfully achieve their goals and improve their functioning in all areas of their lives. 
When Wraparound says they do “what ever it takes” the expectation is quite literal.  Life happens 24/7, so too does Wraparound support and service.  With the goals of helping families and youth develop the skills, confidence and capacity to handle the challenges that life offers, Wraparound staff support and promote self sufficiency, resiliency and family and child self reliance. Strengthening supportive relationships within a family will help youth succeed and grow into health adults.
To learn more, click here or contact Mike McGrath at 650-866-4080.

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