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Behavioral Services That Stabilize Families And Strengthen Connections.

Aspiranet Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) address specific behaviors that interfere with a child’s stability. The TBS plan is developed in collaboration with the child, involved mental health providers, social services and/or current care providers, and the Aspiranet TBS Team which includes the Program Coordinator, consulting Licensed Supervisor and assigned Therapeutic Behavioral Aide (TBA).
TBS is:
  • A Medi-Cal mental health service that provides time-limited one to one behavioral intervention.
  • Intended for children and young adults up to age 21.
  • The behaviors addressed are those that pose extreme risk to the children themselves and/or their primary caregivers (group homes, foster homes parents, etc.)
  • The Therapeutic Behavioral Team develops an individualized treatment plan to target high risk, out of control behaviors such as hitting, head-banging or property destruction.
  • Provided for as many hours per day as needed to address high risk behaviors.  TBS offers behavioral support to the child and caregivers to help develop improved emotional and behavioral control skills. 
  • A fade out plan is included in the plan development.
Eligibility for TBS:
  • Full scope Medi-Cal beneficiaries under age 21, who meet medical necessity.
  • Placed in a Residential Treatment Facility (RCL)12 or above, or at risk for above placement, or has undergone at least one emergency hospitalization in the last 24 months, or has previously received TBS.
  • Currently receiving other mental health services and TBS is needed to prevent a higher level of care/ to support transition to lower level of care.
The TBA is the Aspiranet team member who implements the behavioral plan with the child on a one-to-one basis. The TBA offers the child behavioral support in a variety of settings (home, school, community, etc.) The TBA works with the child to help him or her develop improved emotional and behavioral control skills. In addition, the TBA helps the family or care provider with behavioral modification skills to reinforce the child's progress in a positive, appropriate manner.
Aspiranet Behavioral Health is the sole provider for TBS in Stanislaus and Merced County.  We can develop individual TBS contracts with other counties at the request of the county of origin. To learn more about Aspiranet's Behavioral Health Services call 209-668-6121.

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