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Aspiranet ProFamily Program serves three distinct populations. 
ProFamily Reunification Program works with biological parents who have had their children removed from their care and are failing their reunification plan. Child Protective Services Social Workers refer clients to the program. A ProFamily Parent Partner will meet with the client to help develop an in-depth case plan to overcome barriers to reunification. This plan helps drive the service delivery which includes: housing search, obtaining a job, accessing mental health services, transportation to visitations with their biological child, and modeling how to utilize community supports.

The second population served by the ProFamily Program are children who have experienced severe physical or sexual abuse. Children and their families are referred to this program by Mental Health Clinicians. The Parent Partners work with the families to develop a case plan that increases the families’ safety and increases their awareness and accessibility to community supports. 
ProFamily Program in Orange County is an in-home service for families with children that have developmental disabilities. Each family is assigned a Parent Mentor who assesses, educates, provides links to resources, and serves as a source of support for the family. Services include assistance searching for housing, accessing mental health services, transportation search, accessing medical services, and obtaining specialized services for the child’s special needs.  Families are referred to this program by their Regional Center of Orange County Service Coordinator.
To learn more about the ProFamily Program in Orange County, click here to sent an email inquiry or call 714.712.4900.

To learn more about the ProFamily Program in other locations, click here to sent an email inquiry or call 800.439.1905.

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