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Creating Successful Students By Building Self-Esteem

Aspiranet's Valley Oaks School is a certified non-public school designed to educate students who are struggling with emotional issues and/or learning disabilities. All students are placed at the school through the IEP process. Valley Oaks School offers a special emphasis on students mastering social skills and improving interactions with peers and adults. The eventual outcome for the students is to return to a public school setting at their developmental grade level and possess the skills to learn and excel with their peers.  
Teachers at Valley Oaks School are credentialed through the State Commission on Teacher Credentials in the specialized area of mild to moderate handicaps. All staff are trained to work with students who are behaviorally challenged and require extreme interventions. Valley Oaks also has a school counselor available on an as-needed basis to provide group and individual support.
Students at Valley Oaks School are provided instruction in a small, structured environment with low student to staff ratios. All students are provided supervision 100% of the school day. Located in Turlock, CA, Valley Oaks School provides younger students, from surrounding communities, the individualized attention necessary to address both their emotional disturbances and learning handicaps.
Valley Oaks School offers a full academic program at all levels from primary to 8th grade. Small classes and individual attention are key to the student's success and a core school value. Valley Oaks School is designed to help students develop competence in the skills of reading, writing, spelling and mathematics while generating enthusiasm for the learning process and building self-confidence.
To learn more about Valley Oaks program, click here to inquiry or call 209-667-9667.


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