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Specialized Curriculum And Instructional Methods To Connect With Each Student

In 1988, Stanislaus Academy was established to meet the needs of children requiring special education services. Located on Excell Center's main campus, the Academy's teachers are trained to work with students whose emotional and learning difficulties preclude them from attending traditional schools; the effectiveness of the program promotes the return to public school more quickly.
At Stanislaus Academy classes are small; twelve students are supervised by a credentialed special education teacher and two teaching assistants. The curriculum parallels public schools to better prepare our students for their return to a mainstream school setting. All students have access to counseling, speech therapy, independent living skills training, and other supportive services, as needed. 
Educational goals are developed for each student through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) developed with the coordinated participation of all the people involved in the child’s school placement including the child, his parents, the classroom teacher, SELPA staff, the school’s principal and speech therapist, as indicated.  Assessment tools are used to measure progress in academic areas and behavior.  Parents are updated on their child’s progress through the IEP process as well as quarterly report cards.
The Academy’s programs feature:
  • Certification by the California Department of Education
  • Fully credentialed special education teachers
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • On-site speech and language therapist
  • Computer Lab Instruction- Library
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Social skills training
  • Full academic assessment
  • Behavior Intervention Strategies
  • Development & implementation of accommodation strategies
  • Administrative and Teacher Support
  • Vocational Education and job training through our CDE Workability program
  • Wood working and automobile body repair classes
  • On-site restaurant food preparation training

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