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Experience Corps - Connecting One-On-One

Experience Corps® Bay Area is a unique intergenerational volunteer program hosted on the West Coast by Aspiranet. It is founded on the principle that the experience and talent of older adults are invaluable to youth. Experience Corps® members work directly in classrooms and afterschool programs at each site, using their time, talents and life experiences to help children, strengthen schools, and build community.
As the leading model in outcomes-based literacy service by older volunteers, Experience Corps® has a strong base of knowledge in the field of education. This successful inter-generational program understands the means and messages needed to tap the time, talent, and experience of people over 55 to work with school children.  Experience Corps® Bay Area serves 18 elementary and middle schools by engaging 160 volunteers who tutor and mentor 2,500 students every year. Adult volunteers develop caring relationships with students in San Francisco, Oakland and Marin County, both during and after school. Volunteers tutor one-on-one or in small groups, provide classroom assistance, and lead enrichment activities in after school programs. Teachers and school administrators see the value of the program in academic improvement and fewer behavioral issues as Experience Corps® volunteers connect with students.

Volunteer Qualifications and Responsibilities:

  • No previous teaching or youth experience necessary - only life experience needed
  • Volunteers of all ages welcome - must be committed to developing intergenerational relationships and strengthening the Experience Corps® team
  • Attend initial trainings and ongoing workshops to develop skills for working with youth
  • One full school year commitment


  • Attend free workshops to expand knowledge on best practices for helping youth 
  • Receive stipends, educational awards, and travel reimbursement for those who qualify 
  • Develop rewarding relationships with children and fellow volunteers 
  • Make a real difference in your community

Application Process

Click here to go to the Experience Corps® Application page on the website. You can email, mail, or fax your application to:

Experience Corps® Bay Area
3925 Noriega Street
San Francisco, CA 94122
Fax: 415-759-0883
Contact Us
To volunteer in San Francisco, contact:
Star Bressler, San Francisco Program Manager
Phone: (415) 759-3690
Click here to inquire about opportunities in San Francisco.
To volunteer in Oakland, contact:
David Moren, Oakland Program Manager
Phone: (510) 495-4966
Click here to inquire about opportunities in Oakland.
To volunteer in San Rafael, contact:
Alicia Harnett, San Rafael Program Manager
Phone: (415) 464-1767
Click here to inquire about opportunities in San Rafael.
For general information or press opportunities about Experience Corps® Bay Area, contact:
Janet Oh, Bay Area Director
Phone: (415) 759-3690
Click here to email contact Janet Oh.
For information about the national Experience Corps® network, contact:
2120 L Street, NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: (202) 478-6190
Click here to email your application.
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