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Advocating For Our Families

Aspiranet insures our network of programs advocate together to educate decision makers on issues that matter to our children and community.  Our agency advocates on behalf of the youth and families we serve through community collaborations, coalition membership and associations.  Our statewide presence provides us with a unique perspective on the challenges facing state and local communities.  Aspiranet is active in national and California policy issues including policy on afterschool programs and education for those with special needs and child welfare.   Click here to read the latest news on issues facing children and families.

We are fortunate that our families and community partners join with us as we educate policy makers and the general community on issues and current events. Aspiranet utilizes its extensive computer communication infrastructure to inform and mobilize communities about the issues of the day. You can join us by signing up to receive updates on advocacy issues, agency news and alerts to news and features being broadcast or published. Click here to signup.

Aspiranet is dedicated to preserving its network members’ right to privacy and never shares its members contact information or email addresses. Click here to read our privacy policy.

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