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Foster Care

Every Child Deserves A Forever Family

Aspiranet is a statewide network of services for families who are meeting the permanency needs of children within the foster care system.  Through Aspiranet locations around the state, children in foster care are matched with families who are willing and able to provide a loving and safe family to call the “Forever Family.”
Aspiranet Adoption through Foster Care Program (Fost-Adopt) provides the necessary resources, preparation and support to families who are adopting children already in their care, or new families whose first goal is adoption and see foster care as a means to building their families.
With Aspiranet’s program of dually preparing families for foster care and adoption, families who are caring for children in their home are prepared to continue care if the child becomes available for adoption, thus limiting the number of moves a child has to experience. The home study process is typically completed in four months.
For families who are only certified as foster parents with Aspiranet and have a child who becomes available for adoption, they can continue to care for the child during the adoption process without an interruption in placement. This is the true for the majority of families who have adopted children in the State of California, and the home study process is typically completed in as little as three months.
For those families who are licensed or certified with another agency, referrals must come from the placing agency to conduct an adoption home study. We support these families too. We’ve conducted hundreds of these types of adoptions each year. Ask your placement worker (or child's placement worker) if Aspiranet can support your family during the adoption process.
To learn more click here on “How to Become an Adoptive Parent” link or call us today at 800-439-1905.

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