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Foster Care

Adoption Provides A Permanent Connection For Children To A Family

Aspiranet is a statewide network of services for families and counties who are meeting the permanency needs of children within the foster care system.  With Aspiranet statewide matching and placement services, children in California’s foster care system are can have their “forever family”. Aspiranet offers pre and post adoption services and works individually with families to ensure that each child is adopted by a family who can truly meet his or her lifelong needs.
The Aspiranet Adoption Program makes adoption a reality for more children by providing the necessary resources to children who need adoptive placement; identifying and preparing loving, stable adoptive families.
Aspiranet provides support to families at all stages of the adoption process. Our adoption orientation is an opportunity to learn about issues specific to adoption as well as to assist the adoptive family prepare for their adoption journey. 
There are many types of adoption available to Californians. Our programs are specifically for children who are in the foster care system who are, or may become, available for adoption. Also, for families who see adoption through foster care as a viable option to grow their family and become parents. This would include families that are fostering children who they later want to adopt, depending on the child’s legal status.
Almost all children who become dependents of the court have experienced abandonment, abuse, multiple placements and multiple placement disruptions.  These traumas begin to alleviate when a child is placed in a nurturing stable permanent home.  They gain healthy living and relationship skills, by growing in families that they love and trust – those dedicated to their life long well-being.  Adoption through foster care is the least expensive adoption option. Families may have some nominal expenses for health screening or home safety upgrades (smoke alarms or proper fire extinguishers), but we assist the families in determining what is needed and how to best achieve your goal during the process.
Aspiranet offers adoption services and runs a number of local programs in partnership with communities.  Aspiranet is one of the largest private, non-profit adoption agencies in California, serving over 9,100 children and families each year in 35 locations. Of the children placed in Aspiranet foster homes, thirty-three percent (33%) leave our care to go to permanent families as guardianship or adoption.
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Is adoption right for you and your family? We can help you make that determination.
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