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Foster Care

Permanency For Every Child

Aspiranet partners with the Department of Children and Family Services and State Adoption Offices to access its network of available families prepared and ready to adopt children from foster care. In addition, counties who need to augment their adoption services to increase preparation of families through training and home study services can utilize our network of trained Adoption social workers to assist families to be ready to adopt.  Our goals are the same – to increase permanency for children in foster care at every level.
Aspiranet has been preparing families for adoption since 1997. We conduct over 200 adoption home studies each year and that number is growing. We have Memorandums of Understanding with several counties to conduct their adoption home studies for foster parents, kinship caregivers, or other adults who have decided to adopt the children in their care.

With Aspiranet offices throughout the state, county adoption agencies can extend their reach to other areas of the state by using Aspiranet to conduct home studies of families, and/or relatives who want to adopt children from their county funded through the Private Adoption Agency Reimbursement Program (PAARP), lowering cost to the county and ensuring that the process will be handled professionally and efficiently.
The features of Aspiranet’s collaborative adoptions are
  • Statewide availability of pre and post adoption services
  • Seamless statewide services continuum for counties and families
  • Statewide database of interested or available families
  • Statewide matching and placement services that focus on a child’s needs
County adoption agencies interested in working with Aspiranet’s network should contact your local Aspiranet office or call the District Director at 800-439-1905.

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