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Strenghtening Families And Building On Lifelong Relationships

Aspiranet’s Adoption Assistance Program -Wraparound Service (AAP-WRAP) is an intensive, strength based family driven support for families who have adopted AAP eligible children and who are at imminent risk of placement in group care or already in a group care placement and need assistance to successfully reunify with their family.   Family centered therapeutic services are provided as an alternative to out of home placement. Goals are developed based on family needs, identified within family team meetings.  Wraparound strategies enhance current delivery of services to the family.  The AAP-WRAP program success is based on always:
  • A caring team who will get to know and honor the family’s culture
  • Creating an individualized, family-centered plan which embraces the strengthen and needs of the family
  • Providing links to community based resources, supports and services
  • Educating the family on self-sufficiency and developing resources within the family and community
  • Providing unconditional care until success is achieved
AAP-WRAP applies the support techniques of wraparound services to the issues related to adoption with the goal of preserving the adoption and gaining greater understanding for all members of the family. Issues of identity, grief and a sense of belonging are approached in a caring and understanding way.
To learn more, contact your local Aspiranet office or call the District Director at 800-439-1905.


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