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Foster Care

Maintaining Connections With Siblings

Recognizing the importance of brothers and sisters maintaining and strengthening their relationships while in foster care, Aspiranet developed the Sibling Connection Initiative.  The goals of the Sibling Connection Initiative are to advocate, on behalf of siblings, for better placement and visitation practices, and to build lifelong relationships amongst siblings in care. This year-round campaign is designed to create a partnership between the community and the child welfare system in order to reunite and reinforce the relationships of brothers and sisters while placed in foster care. 

Programs include:
  • Camp Connect California 
  • Local connection activities
  • Clinical training for resource families and professionals
  • Sibling-focused events
  • Recruitment of families to accommodate siblings in the same home
  • Partnerships with and educates child welfare agencies and public policy makers
Aspiranet is committed to educating others on the necessity of the sibling bond and to creating opportunities for separated siblings to build a solid relationship.  In order to help brothers and sisters stay connected we host Camp Connect California, but our commitment to our campers extends far beyond just a week in the mountains. The Sibling Connection Initiative continues to advocate on behalf of children in foster care all year long.
In California, there are 41,835 children in foster care who have siblings. Thirty-three percent of those children are separated from one or more of their siblings. This percentage represents 14,121 children.*
To learn more about the Sibling Connection Initiative or to become a resource parent specifically to keep siblings together, contact your local Aspiranet office  or call at 800-439-1905 within California.
* Data Source: CWS/CMS website 2007 Quarter 2

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