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Foster Care

A Single Life Can Change A Community

When you become an Aspiranet Foster Parent, you are demonstrating your dedication to children and families in your community. Our foster parents care for over 3000 children each year, some for as little as a week, others for longer periods of time. But no matter how long, you can make a connection that can positively affect a child for a lifetime.
To be a foster family, it takes:
  • Time in one's life to care for a child or children
  • Appropriate space in one home to accommodate a child or children and
  • A concern for children's well-being in one's community

With those three things, individuals and families can start the process to be a foster family. Our experienced foster families will say it takes a great deal more to be successful, but if you have those three things, you should consider starting the process. There are additional requirements that families must meet.

The first step is to contact us.

Contact Us

Fill out our web form or call us:

Toll Free: 877-380-HERO

Direct: 209-585-1460

One of our Family Developers will provide you with more details, local events and specific requirements.

Families are required to attend a 6 session training program held in most of our Aspiranet locations. During this training, you will learn the roles and responsibilities of foster parenting, the matching and placement process, state and agency guidelines and the support you can expect from our professional staff. The training sessions are filled with valuable information about child development, issues faced by children in foster care, working with birth families, and the need for permanent connections in a child’s life. We make it fun with exercises that support adult learning. During the training program, family members will:
  • Complete applications
  • Obtain a fingerprint background check (LiveScan) and a DMV printout of your driving record
  • Have a health screening
  • Provide information about your home and vehicles.

At the end of this process, a home study is conducted, interviewing everyone in the home. This allows us to build a comprehensive profile of your family’s strengths. This valuable tool is used when children’s needs are identified when looking for an appropriate home for placement. For families who are or might be interested in adoption, the process can be combined to give you a dual home study, applicable for foster care and adoption through foster care. This option is something your family should consider, if a child you are caring for becomes available for a permanent placement, you will be ready. Most adoptions  in California (over 90%) come through foster care.

Individuals and families can expect to be welcomed into Aspiranet, striving to understand your family’s traditions and customs and honors your desire to help children in need. Aspiranet respects all types of relationships and family configurations.
Once certified as an Aspiranet Foster Family, your comprehensive family profile is used to match with the needs of children who need your families’ skills. When a child is matched with your family, an Aspiranet social worker will work with you on support and resources you will need to make the transition into your home smooth. Regular visits are scheduled with you and your child to oversee the child's progress, resolve problems and provide counseling, as well as develop other resources to help as needed. Aspiranet social workers are very special people, dedicated to your success and the child’s safety, permanent connections and well-being. Many foster families consider their Aspiranet social worker part of their extended family. You can also expect that if a child has siblings, social workers will want to place them together. Maintaining sibling relationships are extremely important to children in foster care.
To start the process contact us online or call an Aspiranet Family Developer at 877-380-HERO from within California or 209-585-1460 direct.


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