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Children do not fail because of a lack of ability, but because the system fails them by not recognizing their unique learning styles. For some children a traditional school setting is not enough to meet their educational needs.  Aspiranet’s Educational Programs look at the whole child and develop an academic plan that will capitalize on their strengths.
Children with learning disabilities and emotional problems can be successful students. Aspiranet’s specialized schools give children the academic and behavioral skills they need to transition back to a public school. 
Aspiranet’s Educational Programs provide:
  • Fully credentialed special education teachers
  • Low student to teacher ratios
  • On-site speech and language therapists
  • Full academic assessments
  • Computer lab instruction
Aspiranet offers 2 fully state accredited school campus to serve children with Learning Handicaps (LH), are Emotionally Disturbed (ED) or have Mild Mental Retardation:

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"I Love What I Do."
“It is vital that every child get the education he or she needs to have a healthy, happy life.” – Randy Hayner, Teacher at Aspiranet’s Stanislaus Academy. Read More
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