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Aspiranet’s Behavioral Health Clinics are outpatient mental health clinics developed for children in the community whose special needs have been underserved.  Services are provided free to children and families eligible for Medi-Cal.  Clinicians and licensed psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as support staff, provide services to children and their families in their homes to help strengthen the family and keep them together.  We also educate the community to overcome the stigma associated with mental health services.
Behavioral Health Outpatient Services
Aspiranet's Behavioral Health (ABH) provides mental health services to children under the age of 18 and their families, who may be demonstrating emotional and/or behavioral challenges at home, school, and/or the community.  ABH also provides outpatient services to individual’s of all ages in private insurance and private pay arrangements.  The services are voluntary and include:
  • Assessment/diagnosis
  • Individual/family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Case management
  • Psychiatric evaluation/ medication monitoring
  • Psychological evaluation
The program is funded by Stanislaus County, Merced County, Contra Costa County and PacifiCare.  In our county contracts, services are available to beneficiaries with full scope Medi-Cal coverage.  For Turlock, Modesto, Newman, Stockton and Sacramento counties we offer self or family mental health services, county service programs, family resource centers, school information and other community resources, as needed. 
For more information contact the Aspiranet Behavioral Health Director at 209-668-6121 or click here to send an email inquiry.
Psychiatric Evaluation/Medication Monitoring
Aspiranet Behavioral Health offers psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring services in Turlock and Modesto as part of our outpatient programs. Psychiatry is a medical specialty dealing with the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of mental illness. 

The primary goal of psychiatric services is the relief of mental suffering and improvement of mental well-being.  Behavioral issues that are commonly addressed by a psychiatrist include: substance dependence and abuse; mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and anxiety disorders. Once medication has been prescribed our psychiatrist schedules periodic follow-up sessions with the client for appointments usually lasting fifteen to sixty minutes.  These sessions involve an ongoing assessment of the client’s condition and to review medication.  The frequency of these sessions varies depending on the type, severity and stability of the client’s condition.  When appropriate, the medication monitoring may be transferred to the client’s primary care physician.  In most instances, when a client receives psychiatric services at Aspiranet it is in conjunction with therapy. A combination of therapy and medication has shown to be highly effective in addressing a number of behavioral health issues and improving quality of life.
Psychological Assessment
Psychological Assessment involves the administration of a series of psychological tests designed to assess multiple areas of an individual’s personality.  The tests are conducted by a psychologist and contain a combination of projective measures and rating scale measure that assess both personality and intelligence.  Information provided from such an assessment is helpful in answering diagnostic questions and in developing effective treatment strategies.  Assessments generally take six to twelve hours to complete and involve one to three sessions.  Common uses for psychological assessments include school placement for children with special education needs, residential placement for children in out-of-home care and adults undergoing certain types of medical procedures.
Aspiranet Stabilization Program (ASP)
The primary goal of the Aspiranet Stabilization Program (ASP) is to divert psychiatric hospitalizations for children and adolescents of Stanislaus County.  The program is funded by Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) and is a further example of the county’s commitment to develop specialized services that meet the unique behavioral health challenges for families in our local communities.
ASP provides intensive and short term crisis intervention services to address child and family needs and to link them to resources within the system of care.  A clinician is available 24 hours a day/ seven days a week to respond to calls from Emergency Services. An ASP clinician meets with the child and the child’s family to develop a short term crisis plan.  The plan development process incorporates effective Wraparound principles including families having a high level of decision making power.  The planning is also strength-based and team-driven. 
The plan addresses the unique needs of the family and may include an ASP Behavioral Health Specialist spending extensive periods of time in the family home for support, community activities, in-home family therapy sessions, a respite stay with a member of the family’s support system or a brief out-of-home placement of no more than 14 days.  A prompt evaluation from a BHRS psychiatrist will also be provided when necessary and medication monitoring can occur while an appointment with a long term psychiatric provider in a community outpatient clinic is being established.
As a part of aftercare planning, ASP providers will take careful precautions that the family is adequately connected to long term support services during their 14 day involvement.  A child arriving at Emergency Services for an involuntary hospital evaluation is a critical sign that the child and the child’s family is in a high level of crisis.  A swift, decisive, compassionate and well-coordinated response is critical in order to provide support to the family and to demonstrate that there are caring and capable professionals that will help them through a difficult period.
For more information contact the Aspiranet Behavioral Health Director at 209-668-6121 or click here to send an email inquiry.

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