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Afterschool Programs in Oakland, Based on Proven Success.

Through the successes of it's afterschool programming in other areas of the Bay Area, Aspiranet was invited to participate as a community-based afterschool provider to 13 elementary, middle and high schools in the Oakland Unified School District in 2006. Since its launch, it serves over 900 children and youth in areas of the city looking for productive activites that support students' learning and provide them a place to go during the afterschool hours.
The Oakland Afterschool Program incorporates the following criterion.
  • Academic Support – Homework assistance, tutoring, literacy and related academic support. Develops learning, research and organizing skills.
  • Enrichment– Classes, clubs and drop-in programs with an emphasis on beyond-academic. Develops creative expression, craftsmanship, and presentation skills.
  • Recreation – Sports, physical activities, and games. Develops physical agility, coordination and teambuilding.
  • Youth Development – Relationship building, safety, youth participation, skill building and civic engagement. Develops youth to be active in their community.

Comprehensive afterschool programs may include a wide range of activities in order to address all three essential components of afterschool programming. We provide nurturing and safe environments where students improve their academic skills. Aspiranet continues to understand and serve the needs of schools, students and parents, making lifelong connections for children and the community.

To learn more about afterschool in Oakland, contact Leah Fortin at 510-686-4868 or click here to send an inquiry.

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