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When Learning Is Fun, Practical And Safe, Students Build Lifelong Skills

The Aspiranet Afterschool Program places a strong emphasis on neighborhoods in San Francisco and Oakland, CA that are underserved. It includes academic, recreation and enrichment components with a wide range and choice of activities in order to address essential components of afterschool programming. Aspiranet’s Afterschool program serves 700 children in San Francisco and 900 children each school year Oakland.
Afterschool programs are becoming the third most important developmental influence in young people’s lives, after home and school.  Aspiranet’s afterschool programs provide young people with the kinds of learning experiences and opportunities that may not be offered to children in their homes or classrooms. They offer young people opportunities to learn new things and develop important skills that are crucial to success in school and in life.
Young people need access to safe havens in the afterschool hours—places that provide the support of caring adults and an enticing menu of productive activities. There are 14.3 million children in the U.S. who take care of themselves after the school day ends; 51 percent of them are in grades 9-12.  Our Afterschool Learning Programs provide students who are in need of academic assistance, a safe place to explore academics and experience enrichment outside of the regular school day.
Programs that are most successful follow the principles of youth development.  Our models for community-based programs follow this criterion:
  • A physically and emotionally safe environment
  • Caring relationships with adults and peers who can provide guidance and support
  • Learning activities that are new and challenging
  • Responsible decision-making and leadership
  • Increased understanding of, and positive involvement in, their communities

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