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Foster Care

Developing Skills For The 21st Century

By providing structured enriching learning opportunities, after-school programs can improve children’s academic performance and meet their social, emotional and physical development needs. In addition, enrichment opportunities not available during the regular school day—such as art, music, and drama—can be offered to complement the regular school-day program.
MOUSE Squad of California gives youth access to education and training necessary to be successful in today’s information society, while helping the public school system realize a vision for 21st century teaching and learning. Aspiranet’s MOUSE Squad teaches participating youth:
  • Leadership Skills
  • Technology Skills
  • School and Community Support Tactics

Community volunteers serve as mentors assisting students in reading and understanding on-line curriculum. Volunteers teach computer, software, customer service, troubleshoot computers, printers, and other equipment. MOUSE Squad of California is a partner with Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools & Education, a New York City-based non-profit.

Click here for volunteer opportunities or call Jan Half, Director at (650) 345-6338 or (408) 712-5912.

MOUSE Squad Moment

Find out what's going on at MOUSE Squad through the annual newsletter!

2009-2010 School Year
2008-2009 School Year

Company Participation and Sponsorship

Companies have the opportunity to participate with local schools in a number of ways. These include:

  1. Employees volunteer at participating MOUSE Squad schools one hour a week to:
    • Assist students in reading and understanding on-line curriculum
    • Teach computer, software, customer service, or other concepts
    • Help students troubleshoot computers, printers, and other equipment
    • Mentor upper elementary, middle, or high school students
  2. After-school and/or summer internships or short-term externships; i.e. fieldtrip or shadowing opportunities for local high school youth
  3. Program support or sponsorships of local MOUSE Squad Student Tech Support Sites at $2,500 per school for Year
  4. Operational support, volunteer coordination, and program outreach and management of the MOUSE Squad Student Tech Support program at any funding amount
  5. Other projects of mutual benefit to the company and MSCA

MOUSE Squad of California is proud of the companies that have chosen to sponsor our programs and activities. To learn more about how you can sponsor a MOUSE Squad program, click here to send an email inquiry.

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