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Each year, Aspiranet touches the lives of over 9,300 California children and families - offering permanent connections and reasons to hope. We help families at risk stay together - keeping children out of the foster care or group care system - through counseling, resources, case management and other much-needed support.
For those children in foster care, we find them safe, loving families to live and grow until they can be reunified with their families. Sixty-one percent of the children placed in Aspiranet foster homes are reunified with their birth families. And for those children who cannot reunify or remain in their families, we offer adoption services to provide permanent families to live and grow into the future.  Twenty-four percent of children who leave the care of Aspiranet, go on to live with permanent families. Then we support the family with post-adoption services. Our connections to families doesn't stop with the finalization of their adoptions.
When youth require greater supervision in a more structured environment, Aspiranet's Residential Treatment Programs at Excell Center and the Readiness Center are proven effective programs to help youth build the skills they need and prepare for their next transition.
We provide mental health services to individuals and families in the community as well as those in foster care or group care. Aspiranet partners with mental health agencies across the state to provide vital services in community clinics or in-home visitation programs so that families can stay and learn together.
For some students, special education environments are needed for children who can’t learn in a typical public school. Our two state credentialed schools have a low student to teacher ratio so they can build their skills and get the education they deserve. Our after-school and community programs are built on a youth development model to encourage self-value and community service. These programs get youth engaged in learning, explore their interests and apply what is presented in the classroom to something they find interesting and fun. And with the dedication of our volunteers, we thread intergenerational connections in to many of our programs.

Aspiranet is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization headquartered in South San Francisco, CA. Our vision is to take collective action to support communities and families as they love and care for children. To contact us, click here or call 650.866.4080 for more information.

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Aspiranet Stabilization Program
A fast response to crisis situations has been pivotal to the program's success. Aspiranet staff is available around the clock, so that if a child needs help at 3:00 a.m. they are there. Read More
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